What are Drawing Circles?


Brew Drawing Circles is a global collaborative drawing project, with people sharing and co-creating sketchbooks. 

Each Circle has between 3 and 6 drawers, who each draw in a sketchbook or on loose sheets for an agreed number of weeks, and then send the drawings on to the next member of their Circle. The books then circulate among the members, using drawing as a visual form of conversation.

The books are physical, sent by snail or air mail, or by hand if a local Circle.

Circles can be global, national or local.

In summary the process is:

1) Confirm your membership of the Circle by paying the £12 joining fee and sending your postal address to brewdrawingcircles@gmail.com

2) Communicate with your Circle to agree a time frame for send ons.

2) Start Drawing.

3) On a date agreed by your Circle send the book on to the next person.

4) On an agreed date the Circle ends. Or doesn’t – several are ongoing now. See how it goes…

Sign up here, once you have read the info below. Please do be sure that you can commit to sending drawings on to the next person.

Sign up £12

This is a £12 joining fee, to cover admin costs.

Please also let us know where you are from, and whether you prefer a local, national or global Circle.

How it works: 

When you sign up you will be allocated to a Circle and put in contact with your fellow members.

Acquire a sketchbook or loose paper in a folder, write your name and the date on, or in, the front, and start drawing. Do bear in mind postage costs, so either choose a light-ish book, or send loose sheets – the next person can add to these and send on.

Communication is key!

Communicate with your Circle by e mail to agree your ‘send on’ timeframe – Global Circles find 1 month too short, so often agree to send on after 6 weeks or 2 months. This is up to you to agree on. Do always keep in touch with one another if you are delayed or have problems posting, and let one another know when you send and receive drawings.

Then share your postal address with the person in your Circle who will send books on to you.  You will always send to the same person, so that the books move clockwise around the Circle.

You can draw on fresh pages, and / or on anyone else’s drawings, and can annotate drawings. You can date, sign, or not, whatever you prefer.

Draw as much or as little as you like. Trust the books to evolve.

You decide between you when the Circle is complete, and whether you want to keep the books or give them to the Circles Archive. The archive is displayed in occasional exhibitions, used for talks, and for illustrations in publications.

When possible everyone meets up (physically or virtually) to review all the books together. In 2015 we held an international meet up at We ALL Draw, the Thinking through Drawing symposium November 6-8th, in London, to look at and review the books to date, and to create an archive of 2015 books.

Finally, if you speak to other people who are interested please share this link or send me their names and e-mail addresses.

Any questions, e-mail brewdrawingcircles@gmail.com

Best wishes






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