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I have sent reminders to those of you who haven’t paid the join up fee. For those of you for whom it was optional (the first Circles who signed up) apologies if you have decided not to pay. Please let me know and I will make sure that the Paypal reminders will cease! The admin is escalating way beyond predicted, so I am hoping to raise some funds to keep it all going and growing. x angie

Lucy Lyons – tiny little red sketchbook

This time I was sent a tiny little red sketchbook. This is the interesting thing for me, not only do I not know what other people will have drawn in their sketchbooks, but I do not know the size, shape or colour of the book I will receive. The previous one had been a concertina type book and I used this to make longer more continuous drawings. This latest one however, was tiny. Smaller than my hand. And strangely I wanted to make more detailed drawings with more mixed media than ever despite the small size. Or maybe just to test myself. Definitely it was not a sketchbook I would have bought myself so it was great to be forced to take on the challenge of scale and keep me out of my comfort zone. As with all the previous books, I have not been making the drawings I normally make in my visual note books but treating these as spaces to experiment and play. I look forward to all the interesting challenges the next book will bring!

Drawing Circle 3 Book 4 1 Drawing Circle 3 Book 4 4 Drawing Circle 3 Book 4 3 Drawing Circle 3 Book 4 2

May books – send on NOW

It is time to post your books on around the world now, and for new May 2015 Circles to start spinning…I am sending out info now, so you will receive info shortly on where to send your book, and memberships  of new Circles. Please let your friends and colleagues know.


Kelly to Global 5 – how do you want your day to unfold?

Kelly working in Venantius' Journal-compressed_Page_6 Kelly working in Venantius' Journal-compressed_Page_2 Kelly working in Venantius' Journal-compressed_Page_3 Kelly working in Venantius' Journal-compressed_Page_4 Kelly working in Venantius' Journal-compressed_Page_5 Kelly working in Venantius' Journal-compressed_Page_7 Kelly working in Venantius' Journal-compressed_Page_1

Dear Angela and Circle5 friends,

7 sketches, all me moving into Venantius’ always already gorgeous lines & forms.

SO hard to believe we are nearing the end of April, when I will need to say farewell to Venatius’ artistic invitations!

warmest regards to all, Kelly

Dear Kelly and all the lovely people,
I look forward already to pick those movements up…they are really lovely I think.
I need to say that I did a lot of dance, and that I move a lot in various terms… and consequantly my drawings and sculptures have been about movements very often.. although quite different…
….and I immediately also recall Kandinsky’s early drawings in the KUNSTBLATT called ‘TANZKURVEN’ which I just find amazing….
Anyway…. look forward a lot to keep on dancing the circle
Kind regards to the lovely people
Am 21.04.2015 um 22:42 schrieb Venantius J Pinto

Dear Kelly,

I know something about dance. Yes, this boy does—and I saw something primal in your response as also calls… an involved pas de deux. A Ballet Russes de Drawing, with you as prima ballerina Karsavina.
On 4/10/15 10:46 AM, Ilse Schrottenbach wrote:
….I love the expressiin ‘teeming with possibilities’, yes ….
and with tracks and traces over the ocean….
By the way, I literally started to follow my/our book started by me on its way to Venatius yesterday by TRACK&TRACE (or trace and track) with us,ail in the web… it was in Brooklyn already!! And then I thought….what a PHYSICAL JOURNEY those books do to get into our hands and into our lives to be shared …
YET I DO HOPE THAT VENATIUS FINALLY GETS MY BOOK!!! I start to pity the book (and him) being out there for such a long time….
hugs from Vienna….

OH, so happy the drawing journal finally found its way to you, Jo!! I so hope you enjoy altering, adding, expanding its many creases and folds!

Ours is a Circle teeming with possibility; yes?!? Thank you, Angela, for your hand in creating the opportunity for us to ‘weave and knot’ our aesthetic narratives together.

Cheers from Vermont, USA ~ Kelly

On 4/10/15 10:13 AM, joanna neil wrote:


The post lady arrived today with your beautiful creation, lots to unfold and behold! I feel inspired to respond to this and create a new narrative alongside, perhaps at the end many stories will have been woven and knotted together….
Best wishes from the UK,

Ilse, Global 5

Hi there,

here is the last pair of images that I made before Joe`s book and the ballons in it start there trip over the ocean…
… and I curiously start to await mail from the UK to begun a new drawing adventure 🙂
Lots of warm regards

Global 5 – Ilse and Venantius

Ilse to V: wow…. what a walk through the woods…..!!!!!
what a story!!!, I can hear the wind and the birds…..

Venantius to Ilse: Been reflecting on your drawings. Hope my “mind” stays the course. 

Ilse, for whatever reason Hugo von Hofmannsthal, and Klaus Maria Brandauer have come to mind.

ilse_venantius_03 ilse_venantius_02 ilse_venantius_01

On 4 Apr 2015, at 18:55, Ilse Schrottenbach wrote:

oh how lovely… I read a lot of Handke once…

well we are being childen a bit when we juggle and play with forms together over the ocean aren`t we?
have a wunderbar, joyful and playful day & evening all of you 🙂
lots of warm regards
Am 04.04.2015 um 19:45 schrieb Venantius J Pinto
Ilse, I await it.

In fact, I only saw your drawings on the blog and your drawings today being as I gave some indication of being in my little whirlwind.
My apologies for not being able to send any images besides those. I will make it a point to share my thoughts.

Als das Kind Kind war,
ging es mit hängenden Armen,
wollte der Bach sei ein Fluß,
der Fluß sei ein Strom,
und diese Pfütze das Meer. 
—Peter Handke
When the child was a child
it walked with its arms swinging,
wanted the brook to be a river,
the river to be a torrent,
and this puddle to be the sea.
But this child has grown and attempts to deal with reality as it plays out. 🙂 
I appreciate your Passover and Easter wishes. Tonight, I go for Latin mass. 

Global 3 – Jim and Parul – ‘I have a thought = I draw a cube’


Attached are some of my ‘habitations’ in your drawings…Hope you enjoy the interpretations! The drawings are on their way to Marta (yesterday).


Jim gupta dawkins tree limb  gupta dawkins neo's view gupta dawkins color between the lines side b gupta dawkins color between the lines side a gupta dawkins bridge


13th April

Hi Jim,

Good Evening (here in India)

Would like to share my thoughts on particularly last image where you have bend the paper according to the drawing. It looks like model for some architectural building incorporating directions  and if the directions on it are not there, it might just look like a sculpture. And thus, questioning the association between drawing and sculpture and contemplating on the idea of ‘objecthood’ in relation to drawing. This is also interesting to understand how drawing has become pathway to sculpture formation, something for me to think about more as i am already working on this co relation.



13th April, Jim’s reply:

Good afternoon Parul (lunch here in Florida)! Interesting comments on the bent paper. When I saw and felt the score lines on this particular piece of paper, I had the urge to fold the paper along those lines. I created one additional score to give the paper some additional bend. I don’t think I had any thoughts as to a movement up or down with the resulting ‘object’, but just followed my reaction and added some notes to explain (loosely) my thoughts. I could have turned it upside down just as easily  and made notes for descending rather than ascending – didn’t think about that until right now. I believe my own predilections to drawing revolve around form. Perhaps that is my architectural education and professional experience as well as my pursuits teaching at the university level. I find myself starting with cubes when I doodle. I start with cubes when I critique students’ design work (interior design students). It seems to be some kind of fundamental building block (literally and figuratively) for my thinking. It is a form and mass that I know well, so it is ‘friendly’ when I start with it. Even drawings and sketches that don’t start with a cube somehow are explained later relative to a cube. I have a thought = I draw a cube. Maybe it helps give form to other ideas and concepts that develop. That’s a bit simplistic and perhaps wide open for examination, but it seems to make sense right now. So, bending the paper with the implied ‘guidelines’ I interpreted in your score lines seemed the right thing to do.