Glob 9 – beautiful drawings – thank you for sharing these

Lots of drawings from glob 9!

We are preparing for an exhibition of drawing circles sketchbooks at our We All Draw symposium, Nov 6-8th, Bargehouse, London.

Some of the original circles are drawing to a close now, in sync with the symposium gathering, so that we can view the drawings together. Others are ongoing – we would love to include these in an exhibition at Bargehouse, so if you are OK to have a few week’s break as a Circle, please do send these to us, and we will return them after the symposium, or forward to the next member of the Circle, as appropriate. We will photograph drawings, and create an online review of our first year of drawing together.

Thurs 5th November 3-6pm, Circles Convention, Bargehouse, London. This is free to those attending the symposium, and £20 for those not attending symposium. We will gather together as many of the books from around the world as we can, and together review them and make a show, to be reviewed by the symposium over the following 3 days.

To do:

1) Discuss with your Circle whether you are going to send your books to London for the exhibition and review.

2) E mail me to let me know your intentions, and how many books you are sending / delivering / bringing.

3) Let me know whether you plan to attend the Circles convention and / or the symposium.

If you are not attending and would like your books to be in the show and global review please e mail me at to arrange delivery. You will need to pay for return postage.

Exciting! I cant wait to see the books, and meet lots of you.

Very warm wishes

Angie Brew