New Circles / the convention

Dear All

The Circles Convention in London was wonderful! Thank you to so many of you for attending, from all over the world, and for bringing or sending your books. The books looked great on 3 big circular tables together!

We drew a big (but v incomplete) map of the Circles, all around the world, with notes about books and people that seem to be out of touch / missing.

Some Circles, as planned, are ending now, and new ones beginning. Do chat with your own circle and decide whether you are carrying on with yours for now, or wish to form or join a new one. Let me know at:

Most people want me to keep their books in our new Circles archive. If you would like your original book (the one you started for your Circle) returned to you, please send me a photo of it, or  a description so that I can identify it, and your postal address. I will send you a Paypal invoice for postage and then get it in the post back to you asap.

  • and please encourage your Circle to follow this blog.

best wishes


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