Coventry Circle B

IMAG0153 IMAG0219 IMG_20150615_084851781Coventry Circles:

Two circles including eight people in each circle have been operating amongst staff at Coventry School of Art & Design since January. As the 16 participants are able to pass the ‘books’ to each other rather than post them, this has allowed considerable expansion of the drawing process. Many participants made their initial books – one was in a vintage style, another was made from a series of pieces of hardboard. The circles are due to complete at the end of September and each book will return to the person who initiated it for editing if they so wish.

The drawing circles project has led to discussions about the nature of collective and collaborative drawing processes and experience. As a result of the circles we are planning a one-day symposium to be held at the Institute of Creative Enterprise at Coventry University, on Friday 4th December 2015. The symposium will be accompanied by an exhibition of drawings that will include the sixteen books that have come from the circles and work submitted by delegates. For further details please contact Helen Gorrill or Jill Journeaux on



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