Global 10

Hi Angie, 

Please find attached the first 5 drawings. The rest in the next email. I have taken some double spreads as they relate directly to each other. 



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New Circle – November 2015. Formed at Circles Convention at Bargehouse.

Tom, 16th Nov 2015:


We agreed (Simon through Jill) in London to form a drawing circle and that I would start it off this month. We thought that the sequence of sending would be 

1) Tom (me) to Melanie 2)  Melanie to Erica  3) Erica to Simon 4) Simon to Tom

We also thought that we should have a common theme. So I am proposing that each of us starts a book now with drawing(s) round a theme, post it to the next person who adds and/or takes the theme further, and then posts to the next in line and so on. That way each of us would be drawing and posting once a month . 

What do the rest of you think ? Please get back to me soon so that I can get a book to Melanie by the end of this month,




Hi All

– this sounds good!

You are Global 10. 

Send me images and I will post them on this page.

My suggestion is that rather than try to scan all the pages you choose a few to ‘track’, so that we get some threads of images as they progress. by all means do scan all the pages if possible, but maybe for the blog we can try to follow e.g. one page per book? I am trying to develop a way to record some of the visual conversations developing.

– Also I might suggest that you send on every 6 weeks or 2 months, as most people find with international postage that they don’t have long enough with the book. But as long as you all keep in touch re when you have sent and received books, you can see how this goes and adjust to suit you all.

Good luck! 




Hi all 

 Yes I am up for it .However Angela’s suggestion of a two month turn around might be more realistic for every body particularly  for postage times to and from  Melanie .what does every one think ?


17th Nov 2015

Images received from Tom for Circle 10.

Climate changeHandworkTapas bar

From Tom:


Putting all our earlier emails together, I will tomorrow post a sketch book to Melanie and am forwarding the three drawings in it (as attachments here) to Angie for theme tracking. I am a bit reluctant to name those themes as I think that the ‘drawing conversation(s)’ they hopefully will generate define the themes(s). I have made three drawings around different themes in the hope that at least one of them helps start a ‘drawing conversation’

 As I understand  it, each of us around now will send a book as follows:

Me to Melanie;  Melanie to Erica;   Erica to Simon;   Simon to me 

Each of us will then draw in response to what we find in the book we receive and duly forward it, following the above pattern, around Feb 15 2016. We would thus be working on the 2 monthly return cycle that Simon suggests. 

Hope this is all clear and OK…best wishes to everyone for Christmas and the New Year and looking forward to our ‘drawing conversations’


4th Jan 2016

2 images from Erica:


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