India Circles

There are several Circles in India, coordinated by Gagan Singh.

See also Drawing in Space 

India Circle 2

June 20th:

IMG-20150612-WA0005 IMG-20150612-WA0002 IMG-20150612-WA0003 IMG-20150612-WA0004

Hi Everyone,  Just want to share something…

As I draw i feel something is being revealed, if these lines are alive like nerves, they are pulsating,.they move as my hand moves directionlessly thinking nothing at times, just wandering in gaze…walking, standing, sitting as metro moves when I am travelling so many times…I don’t know when drawing became a conservation with self,..a purpose (space) for  purposelessness (abandonment,  subjugation,  etc.)…

These forms always appear,.speak of an in betweenness., ‘hone aur na hone ke bich’…it seems its going beyond me in many ways,.and I hardly know whats goin on…I also called them Fictional they exist but they don’ a way.

With gagan, it has been unusal, how our conversations are weaved through drawing, we speak in words and parallely  in lines which in its own way creates a new language, a new conversation which has interruptions,  juxtapositions,  overlappings of thoughts,  personal traumas,  jokes, bitching, readings, aroma of coffee etc….a blended drawing,..of his playful figures and my hippy lines..been a way of exchange…and an extension too into looking for ways to connect,  share, exchange through practices…it is for me an intimate space,..where we get to draw on each others work taking it further to different tones of conversations…

It has been an energizing and vibrant experience.

Sharing few of my drawings friends.

Thank u.



hello India Circle 2


wanted to share a sketch collaboratively done between me and preeti, where we decided to take the sketching process further. We drew together in a cafe.. where it became interesting to see how or in how many different ways a drawing can evolve over a cup of coffee. I still remember her marks, the rubbing of the surface of the paper. The tactile sensation of it. I am so use to just working with a drawn figure, but in this way, we both decided to respond to the work. She had her tools to draw and i carried mine. I can’t say what is more interesting, is it to draw, or to see someone draw or experience the drawing being made. One could be in a room and let so many drawings just get triggered through a sketch, doodle…and followed by an endless chatter of conversations…

hoping that the sketchbooks moved in may and will do so in June so that to reach to the next person by the first week of July.










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