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kieras-4-kieras-book-2015 irene-3-kieras-book-2015irenes-1-kieras-book-2015 my-black-white-for-kieras-book1

June 1st, from Eli:

thanks Irene

It’s time to go now

here the work on your book by now

one separate drawing in the forest

and one link sawing between you and Kathys with independent reverse

I used a sort of a system in the sawing the thread lines:

starting with linking edges of the two drawings then I made new holes where the thread crossed on the front side using an existing hole on the back.

Take care all . Eli

irishcircle irenebook002 irishcircle irenebook003 irishcircle irenebook004 irishcircle irenebook005

IMG_20150309_212258 IMG_20150309_212408 IMG_20150309_212349 IMG_20150309_212310 IMG_20150309_212321 IMG_20150309_211941 IMG_20150309_212428 irishcirclekierabook007irishcirclekierabook006irishcirclekierabook005irishcirclekierabook004irishcirclekierabook003backirishcirclekierabook003irishcirclekierabook002backirishcirclekierabook002irishcirclekierabook001IMG_20150309_212258IMG_20150309_212408IMG_20150309_212349IMG_20150309_212310IMG_20150309_212321IMG_20150309_211941IMG_20150309_212428Eli's book 1 Eli's book 2 Eli's book 3 Eli's book 4 Eli's book 5 Eli's book 6 Eli's book 7 Screen shot 2015-05-02 at 13.38.16 Screen shot 2015-05-02 at 13.40.24 Screen shot 2015-05-02 at 13.46.40 Screen shot 2015-05-02 at 13.47.02

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