Responsiveness – Ready Steady Send.


Ready Steady Send:

Global Circles – we are introducing a new method for newly forming Global Circles, called Ready Steady Send. Lots of people are finding 1 month turn around too short, as books often take a while to fly across world. SO now the new Circles each have only 3 or 4 people in, who all communicate with one another by e mail and they AGREE together when they are ready to send the current set of books on. This is in effect what is happening in most of the Global Circles, apart from the larger original ones, where there are too many people to agree! The good thing about this is that it introduces a check that everyone in the Circle is on board, ready to send, and to receive.

Best wishes


New method – global circles 3 or 4 people. They all keep in touch and send on when READY by agreement. 6-8 weeks. Ready steady send method.

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