Draw your Circle



thank you for this.

I will participate in the symposium, and in addition, in the drawing circles conventions.

As I wrote and suggested to the group, I am also fond of the idea of leaving ‘my’ book in In England to have it permanently integrated in the overall process of sharing and interventions and iterations. I really love this idea as it  rounds up the project for me. I will bring the book to London on the 5th then.

Re drawing the circle: 

I already made something similar like which is part of Kelly’s book :)) to get clear on the journey that our drawings and books have been making. 

So I just took the photograph I made before sending on the book and I added some notes with BRUSHES on th ipad assuming that all books are ‘at home’ exept the one of Venantius which was refused by the customs for duty problems and is on the way back to him, it should at his place soon.

This is something to start. Please add/alter it with your information :))

All the best from Vienna and hope to meet you soon,


Draw your Circles?

To try to get a handle of where all the CIrcles books are…could one person (or more) in each Cricle make a drawing / diagram of where each book now is? Then I can make a big map of all. Rsvp if you are going to do this for your Circle. x Brew

International Drawing Circles Convention 2015 Thurs November 5th, 3-6pm

We are meeting up soon in London!

– WE being the people AND the books…

Many of you are coming to the We ALL Draw symposium 6-8th November, where we will be meeting and talking about the Circles.

In addition we have a Circles convention on 5th November, before the symposium starts.

This is a chance for us all to meet up, and to collect as many of our sketchbooks together as we can. During the convention we will together curate a show of our books, to be on display during the symposium, and open to the public on the Southbank, London 6-8th November.

Please discuss with your Circle how you wish to proceed. Some older Circles are winding up now and sending all their books to me for the convention and symposium. If your Circle is newer, you could send your books to me, and then I will return them after the symposium to continue their journeys with you.

Let me know what your Circle is planning…and I will supply a postal address for books if they are coming to the convention!


IF your Circle is ending, you can choose either to personally keep one of the books (the one you started) OR to give it to the CIrcles Project for our archive. I am looking for a public home for the books, e.g. in a library / art gallery / college. Any suggestions?

The CONVENTION is part of the week long Southbank Festival of Creativity.

£15 / FREE if you are attending the symposium.

Reserve a place at the convention by e mailing me at brewdrawingcircles@gmail.com